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Kubota Tractor Cab Enclosure's


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Optional  28000 BTU heaters



*New* for 2013 Tractor Cab

Compact Tractor Cab-

  • Available in hard side model only
  • Hard roof
  • 12 volt electric wiper
  • Automotive style safety glass front windshield
  • Hard doors feature deluxe sliding windows
  • Pin-hinged doors for easy removal in seconds
  • 28000 BTU Water Heater Optional

The only 1 hour install cab in today's market. Easy on, easy off, just what your customer wants.

Simple 5 component assembly, which leads to huge cost saving for your customer.

Stores easily in your garage, in five separate parts.

Hard-sided cabs weigh approximately 350 lbs.



Kubota BX Series Hard Cab
$3495.00 -

install time 1 hour


Kubota BX5300

install time 1 hour



Kubota T-20 Series

$2495.00         1800

30 min. install time

NEW --         Kubota BX 25 hard cab  for
$3495.00  install time  1 hour

Kubota GR Series Soft Cab

All polycarbonate windows


30 min install.



Kubota B2920  hard cab

1 hour

Kubota L5030       --            L 3430   $3495.00     ------ M 7040 $3995.00 hard cab

install1 hour

Kubota  L3400 hard cab         L2800 - $3495.00



NEW  for  2013-- Hard cab  L3200-3800  $ 3495.00           install time 1 hour


Kubota BX 25 Series Soft Cab extended,call for price.
All polycarbonate windows         . install 1 hour


Hard Cab with safety glass windshield


Kubota Hard Cab

Our new hard Proactol cabs for the  Kubota tractor series features,  Steel Frame with abs plastic covering, The standard cab comes with front safety glass windshield, wiper motor and lower clear polycarbonate panel. The rear window is poly carbonate. Optional side and rear windows can be supplied in safety glass. Side door glass windows slide open.


Our new cabs comes in five components, for installation purposes. The first component is the front windshield panel , it is mounted forward of the drivers feet in four factory holes. The second component is the rear panel which clamps to the  rops, with  4 U-Bolts. The third component is the roof panel which attaches to the top of the front and rear panels, with four bolts, two in front two in rear. The fourth and fifth components are the left and right doors.


This entire installation is done in 1 hour . Compared to other cabs, which can take up to 6-8 hours to install. This is a substantial cost savings. Also allows the customer to remove the cab himself easily at home.

When orders are accepted and payment is made your cab production begins . Orders can not BE CANCELED.

SHIPPING COST  are calculated at time of order  Shippment is made in approximately 12 business days . Sales are final.

Once installed cab can be removed or reinstalled in only 30 minutes.

Our cab mounts in Kubota factory mounting holes.

1 year  limted warranty

Dealers call

Call: 920-731-2555